Pain management in Alliance, OH

Pain management options including physical therapy, chiropractic visits and more.
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Pain management consultation (new patient)

  • Dr. Siddharth Arora, DO

    • Psychiatry
    • "It was a great experience. Highly trained and informative doctor, who seems to care. It was incredibly easy to use and was much cheaper than a traditional office visit. I did not have to leave my home, and I was seen the same day for less than my co pay. Dr Nicohls was fantastic. Thank you so very much!!!!"
    9 providers available

    Video prescription refill visit

    Connect with a doctor or provider online to get an Rx refill for something simple like birth control, blood pressure medication, antidepressants, insulin and more. $5 medication with FREE delivery may be available during this visit. Ask your doctor...
    • Desiree Blake, APRN

      • Obstetrics & gynecology
      • "My provider was awesome!!"
      • Available today
      • $5 MEDS

      Dr. Muhammad Imran, MD

      • Internal medicine
      • Available today
      • $5 MEDS

      Dr. Simeon Osemota, MD

      • Family medicine
      • Available today
      • $5 MEDS

      Tiffanie Kehrt, NP

      • Family medicine
      • "Tiffanie was thorough, kind and understanding. She did more via a telehealth appt than I could have imagined!"
      • Available today
      • $5 MEDS

      Dr. Mark Saling, DO

      • Internal medicine
      • Available today

      Dr. David Filsoof, MD

      • Family medicine
      • "The physician was wonderful, and I would absolutely recommend this service. Ten stars to Dr. David Filsoof, MD!"
      • 5
      • Available today

      Dr. Lawrence Scalzo, DO

      • Family medicine
      • Available tomorrow
      • $5 MEDS

      Dr. Mitchell Kohl, MD

      • Family medicine
      • "Best experience I ever had with my doctor."
      • $5 MEDS

      Dr. JoBeth Lee, MD

      • Family medicine
      • $5 MEDS
      See all Video prescription refill visit
      See all Video prescription refill visit
      $5 MEDICATON.

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