Most affordable pneumonia treatment in Bismarck, ND

    Save up to 60% on visits to diagnose and treat pneumonia in Bismarck, ND. Pneumonia is typically diagnosed by a doctor using a combination of a physical assessment and, if necessary, an X-ray.

    Symptoms of penumonia include a dry cough, chest pain, fever, and difficulty breathing. Additional signs of pneumonia include low blood pressure, high heart rate, or low oxygen saturation. Doctors and clinicians in Bismarck, ND can help look for signs of pneumonia and help develop a plan for recovery.

    After diagnosis, prescription antibiotic drugs are needed to fight the pneumonia. Most types of bacterial pneumonia will stabilize in 3–6 days, however, it may take weeks to reach full recovery.

    If you're experiencing signs and symptoms of pneumonia, book a visit with doctor on Sesame who can help diagnose and treat your condition.

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