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    Common visit reasons: UTI, sore throat, eczema or rash, back pain, cold and flu symptoms, and more. Available today for patients in Comet, VA.
    • The following inclusions and exclusions apply:
      • Symptom assessment
      • Prescription, if recommended
      • Prescription for controlled substances
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      Treatment for asthma, ear infection, fever, UTI, sinus, infection, rashes and more
      Medication for blood pressure, thyroid, depression, cholesterol, birth control, and more
      Screening, diagnosis, prescriptions, and management for patients in Virginia with erectile dysfunction
      Consults, diagnosis, and management visits for patients in Virginia with cold sores, dark spots, eczema, moles, insect bites, rashes, and more
      Treatment for patients in Comet, VA with vaginal irritation, itching, change in discharge, and more
      Dentists in Comet, VA to treat tooth and gum pain, inflammation, infection, chipped, and broken teeth
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    Sesame’s medical advisory board includes doctors and medical experts who have built direct-to-patient practices across the country and come from world-renowned institutions like Johns Hopkins, Harvard, the World Health Organization, and more.
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