Affordable plantar fasciitis treatment in De Soto, KS

Video visit with a clinician to discuss plantar fasciitis symptoms or general foot pain. The provider will help determine the best treatment plan based on symptoms. Don't let foot pain keep you from running, walking, or living life to the fullest. Plantar fasciitis is a common foot condition that's often described as a sharp pain towards the heel of your foot.

If you're experiencing signs and symptoms of plantar fasciitis, talk to a doctor directly to craft a treatment plan that's right for you. Save up to 60% on a plantar fasciitis treatment appointment in De Soto, KS when you book with Sesame.

3 quality doctors and clinicians available today at affordable cash prices.

Plantar fasciitis video visit

Elizabeth Johnston, APRN

  • Family medicine
  • "... the provider I saw was extremely understanding, compassionate and helpful."
  • Available tomorrow
  • $5 MEDS

Plantar fasciitis video visit

Dr. Samuel Pennella, MD

  • Family medicine
  • "Doc went above and beyond spent extra time ..."
  • Available today
  • $5 MEDS

Plantar fasciitis video visit

Dr. Shirley Zelikovsky, MD

  • Family medicine
  • "Friendly practitioner, quick and efficient service. "
  • Available tomorrow
  • $5 MEDS
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