Video diabetes consult

 30-min virtual appointment

Bianca Sayegh, PA
Family medicine
Licensed to practice in: FL

Service details

Video visit with a doctor or nurse to discuss symptoms and help manage treatment of diabetes.

  • Symptom assessment
  • Medical history review
  • Lifestyle assessment
  • Diabetes screening & testing
About the provider

Bianca Sayegh is a board-certified Physician Associate. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences. She earned her Master's degree in Medical Sciences with Honors from Yale University. Bianca promotes well-being, living longer and healthier by improving how to prioritize your health, and balancing careers and play. Sometimes it can feel like prioritizing your health is an overwhelming challenge that doesn’t fit within the realities of daily life. It’s not easy to balance a full-time job, eat appropriately, make homemade meals, spend quality time with your family, and meditate for an hour each day. Bianca will combine diagnostic medicine, aesthetics, fitness and nutritional planning to help you experience your most optimal self. ​ Bianca also has a passion for mentoring students and currently serves as an Alumni Interviewer on the Admissions Committee for the Yale University Physician Associate Program. She is also an active participant of the Florida Society of Dermatology PAs where she has obtained high-quality aesthetics training. Prior to her PA career, she worked at the Centers for Disease Control with a concentration in Infectious Disease control, Community Health Services Evaluation, Health Policy, and Reproductive Health. Bianca is passionate about providing convenient, accessible healthcare for all.
​ Dr. Michelle Morgan joined forces with Bianca Sayegh as her supervising physician.

Family medicine
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Red Door Medical
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