Video weight management consult

 30-min virtual appointment

Dr. Albert Ray, MD
Psychology, Family medicine
Licensed to practice in: CA

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Video visit with a doctor to assess weight loss needs.

  • Medical history review
  • Lifestyle assessment
  • Laboratory testing

About the doctor

During this consult, Dr. Ray will plot a course for sustainable weight loss after getting to know you better and discussing: - your health history - individual biology - conditions that may be making sustainable weight loss difficult

Afterward, he will talk about your choices for approaches to weight loss; in particular, a program that he strongly supports and sees patients for called “Relish Life”. Relish was developed with the guidance of Dr. Vincent Felitti, the Founder of the Kaiser Positive Choice Weight Loss Clinics and co-principal investigator with the CDC on the ACE study, the most important study ever to shed light on problems with weight. The ACE study examined the link between long-term exposure to toxic stress and future disease states such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and being overweight. Relish combines clinical psychology with medical and health coaching support. Dr. Ray will assess if Relish is right for you with no pressure to join.

Psychology, Family medicine
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