Walter Sposkoski, LCSW

Walter Sposkoski, LCSW

Counseling & therapy
Virtual therapy session (new patient)
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  • New patients only

Virtual counseling/therapy session for individuals that may include: trauma, depression, anxiety, relationship issues and other life issues.

  • Controlled substance prescription

About the provider

Hi, my name is Walt. This is certainly a stressful time and I am here to help. I want to help you manage the stress of Covid-19 and social distancing, job loss, and all the other things that occur in life. My goal is to help people feel better about their lives, family, friends, marriages, work, and other situations they are facing. Sometimes all people need is to talk with someone about what is on their mind. I am a therapist who uses talk therapy. We talk about the events, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are positively and negatively affecting you. We may discover new or different ways of looking at things bothering you. I invite you to come and meet with me and see if we can work together so you feel better.

Counseling & therapy
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Walter Sposkoski, Jr., LCSW
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Available Tue, Dec 14