Virtual therapy session (new patient)

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Leigh Baker, PhD
Counseling & therapy
Licensed to practice in: FL, TX

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  • New patients only

Virtual counseling/therapy session for individuals that may include: trauma, depression, anxiety, relationship issues and other life issues.

  • Controlled substance prescription
About the provider

No matter what stage of life you are in, I believe counseling goes beyond understanding what is wrong and feeling better. Counseling is also about the deeper work of finding out who we are, what values we hold, and what we want our life to be about.

My job is to help you access the supports and develop the skills you need to navigate this journey. You are your own healer and self-expert, I am your guide. I use an integrative approach to best fit your individual needs.

I specialize in college mental health. I am trained in multiple trauma therapies including EMDR. I am a Florida Qualified Supervisor.

Counseling & therapy
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Integrative Psychological Services
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