Video post-partum therapy session

 50-min virtual appointment

Jodyan Gaynor, LPC
Counseling & therapy
Licensed to practice in: CT

Service details

Video visit to address post-partum depression.

  • Symptom assessment
  • Referral to specialist
  • Medical history review
  • Lifestyle assessment
About the provider

My ultimate goal as a therapist is to help others navigate the challenges of life and work by helping them to achieve their best possible quality of life. I use an integrative approach, tailoring interventions specifically towards the needs of each individual I work with. After working for over 9 years in mental health I have developed a strong sensitivity to the importance of culture and other environmental factors to the healing process. Whether you are dealing with an ongoing emotional challenge or a singular life event, I seek to create a safe space that encourages honesty and empowerment, while setting a clear path to meet your current needs.

Counseling & therapy
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Integrity Counseling and Consultation
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