Hearing aid consultation

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Audicus Hearing
9229 E Lincoln Ave, Lone Tree, CO 80124

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Visit with an Audiologist to assess hearing impairment and determine which device is appropriate to enhance hearing.

  • Hearing aid assessment
  • Hearing test
  • Hearing aid fitting
About the provider

Audicus is a consumer health company that believes that everyone deserves to hear and live a more connected and empowered life. Audicus offers hearing test applications via our online platform and award winning hearing aids directly online - and at a fraction of the cost. We save the average consumer 75% (roughly $3,000) on direct-streaming Bluetooth & rechargeable hearing aids from the top manufacturer in the United States. Audicus is also the first company to offer a Hearing Care Membership. For as low as $39 per month, members get advanced hearing aids, access to our Audiology Team, cleaning accessories and a free upgrade to the latest hearing aid model every 18-months.

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