OBGYN consultation (new patient)

1190 miles | 30-min appointment

Dr. Emily Bullock, MD
Obstetrics & gynecology
18001 Hwy 105 W., Montgomery, TX 77356

Service details
  • New patients only

Visit with an OBGYN doctor or nurse to address a specific concern.

  • Referral for follow up testing
  • Prescription, if recommended
  • Medical history review
  • Symptom assessment
About the doctor

Emily C. Bullock, MD is a board certified obstetrician/gynecologist. She was in private practice with her father and mentor Gerald Bullock, MD, JD in Conroe and The Woodlands for the past 9 years. She attended TCU and finished Cum Laude with a B.S. in Biology. She then attended medical school at Texas Tech University School of Medicine. Dr. Bullock completed her residency in OB/GYN at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas. Currently she is an OB/GYN hospitalist at Memorial Hermann The Woodlands.

Obstetrics & gynecology
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Emily Bullock MD
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