Laura Damico, Psy.D

Laura Damico, Psy.D

Video mental health consult
Service details
  • New patients only

New patient video session to address any of the following: trauma, depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues.

  • Symptom assessment
  • Medical history review
  • Lifestyle assessment
  • Controlled substance prescription

About the provider

I am a licensed NYS Psychologist. I obtained my doctorate in psychology from Yeshiva University at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 1999. I have over 20 years of experience working in both clinical and academic settings. I conducted extensive research and presented at the American Psychological Association’s annual convention in Boston. As a professor, I enjoyed teaching a myriad of graduate courses (psychotherapy, psychological testing, and ethics).

I am passionate about helping others in the following ways: identify/achieve goals, improve relationships, improve self-esteem/confidence, identify patterns and triggers, and improve emotional stability and security. We will clarify your concerns, discuss pros/cons, brainstorm options, and develop a realistic plan of action. My mission is to help you feel comfortable making important decisions, and I genuinely want you to feel better as soon as possible. I utilize cognitive-behavioral strategies (CBT), and I am warm and accepting. I conduct psychological/neuropsychological testing if requested.

Fear of the unknown is universal, especially when experiencing a life transition or challenging time. People need people (even introverts), you are not alone, and you are braver and stronger than you realize.

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Dr. Laura Damico
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Available Sun, Jan 23