Dr. Natasha Owendoff, MD

Dr. Natasha Owendoff, MD

Obstetrics & gynecology
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"Dr. Natasha Owendoff was amazing. She was very attentive to my concerns and provided an adequate amount of information for my appointment. I would highly recommend her to anybody seeking care!"
Video lactation consult (new patient)
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New patient video visit with a clinician to address any issues or concerns about lactation and nursing.

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Dr. Natasha Owendoff is a board-certified OB/GYN with 12 years of experience. After graduating medical school from the University of Miami, Dr, Owendoff started her military service in June 2009. She served as a physician in the United States Air Force from 2009-2016. Dr. Owendoff completed her residency in San Antonio, Texas at Wilford Hall and SAMMC for 4 years and then a staff position at Eglin, AFB in the panhandle of Florida for the remaining 3 years. After this, she continued caring for patients in the civilian sector and has a robust array of experience. She is looking forward to treating and helping your concerns.

Obstetrics & gynecology
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Dr. Owendoff, MD, FACOG
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