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 55-min virtual appointment

Kathleen Neill, LPC
Counseling & therapy
Licensed to practice in: PA

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  • New patients only

Virtual counseling/therapy session for individuals that may include: trauma, depression, anxiety, relationship issues and other life issues.

  • Controlled substance prescription

About the provider

Life is about Relationships: Couples, Marriage, Family, Friends, Co-Workers. However, broken promises, endless conflict, lack of trust, addictions, loss of intimacy, anger, and avoidance create fear, pain, and loneliness. You long for acceptance, belonging, and comfort. While it can be scary reaching for help, I encourage you to call me. Showing grace and compassion, I strive to help you work towards positive and healthy change. Using specialized methods, I can help you strengthen the relationships that are meaningful in your life.

I am a Licensed Counselor, specializing in issues of couples, marital, premarital, parenting, elder-care concerns, grief (including pet loss), and traumatic stress (emotional, physical, and sexual). Grief and trauma may be accompanied by other issues, which we address. I work from attachment-based, emotionally focused, and trauma-informed perspectives.

Therapy is a safe place to collaboratively explore self and to transform relationships. We can work together to find new ways of relating . . . to self or other. Take a leap towards healing and self-discovery by giving me a call.

Counseling & therapy
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Neill Counseling Center - Kathleen Neill LPC LLC
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