Virtual UTI visit

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Charlie Piermarini, PA
Urgent care
Licensed to practice in: AZ

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Quick relief for a UTI from anywhere, without insurance. UTIs are often treated with a simple prescription that can cost as low as $6.

  • Symptom assessment
  • Prescription, if recommended

About the provider

Charlie graduated from the University of Arizona with his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Physiology, and then went to work as a clinical technician for a men’s health device company. It was an amazing experience and provided him the opportunity to learn first hand how to appropriately treat men‘s health issues, while also solidifying his passion to apply to Physicians Assistant (PA) School. After completing a dual Master’s in Science of Physician Assistant and Public Health at Touro University of California, he then moved back to Arizona, where he practiced family medicine and then moved into pain management and urgent care.

Urgent care
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Charlie Piermarini, PA
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