Telehealth visit

 45-min virtual appointment

Cassandra Edwards, PA
Urgent care
Licensed to practice in: GA

Service details
  • New patients only

Video visit with a doctor or nurse. Common visit reasons include sore throat, cold & flu, UTI, infection (skin, ear, eye, bladder, and more), or any other urgent health concern.

  • Referral to specialist
  • Prescription, if recommended
  • Worker's comp paperwork
  • Controlled substance prescription
  • Immunization(s)
  • Laboratory testing
  • Diagnostic testing (strep, flu, corona)
About the provider

I am a Physician Associate and a graduate of State University of New York at Downstate Medical Center. I specialize in Telehealth Urgent Care, incorporated with Holistic Medicine and Vitamin Infusion Spa, which promotes the overall approach of wellness. After 27 years of medical experiences from Urgent Care, Primary Care, Emergency Medicine, ICU and more, with Weight Loss Management and Nutrition too, I have created Concierge Medicine For You, LLC. My vast medical experiences have made me more knowledgeable, efficient, and caring to my patients in delivering excellent care. Yes, I am a great listener and truly have patients' best interests in mind. So, please give me an opportunity to give you excellent patient care! Thanks!

Urgent care
Practice name
Concierge Medicine For You, LLC
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Available Mon, Nov 29