Samantha McGrew, LMSW

Samantha McGrew, LMSW

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Video couples therapy session with a licensed professional to help couples resolve conflicts and improve their relationships.

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Samantha is a high-energy advocate and licensed clinician with substantial experience in behavioral and mental health therapy. She is passionate about making a difference in the lives of others and helping to improve mental and emotional well-being. She has worked with people from various cultures, abilities, and lived experiences. Samantha aims to meet you where you are, being sensitive to the diversity of the world we live in. Her counseling is person-centered and focused on maximizing self-determination in her clients. Moreover, Samantha’s goal is to engage and empower you to affect the kind of change that enhances your quality of life. 

Samantha has an extensive background in supporting those experiencing mental health crises, including safety assessment, psychosocial support and intervention, and links to available resources. She has worked with those struggling with depression, anxiety, suicidal thinking, self-harm, addiction, and psychosis-related diagnoses, with a goal to help improve their ability to live freely while thriving in their own communities. 

With your permission, Samantha will work alongside you to gain a better understanding of the foundations underlying any psychiatric distress and offer support in developing goals to improve your ability to manage it. Samantha is compassionate and strives to create a safe, judgment-free space where you can speak openly about the challenges you face.

Counseling & therapy
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