Dr. Adib Bhat, MD

    Abid Bhat, MD MBA, is a Sleep Medicine Specialist and a firm believer in integrating Western Medicine with Mind-Body Therapies. Dr Abid Bhat has been in the practice of Sleep Medicine for over 15 years.  He has provided medical care to people with various sleep disorders, including insomnia (difficulty falling sleep or staying sleep), sleep apnea
 (a person snores loud and stops breathing in sleep), parasomnia (sleep walking), restless legs syndrome (urge to move legs while trying to fall sleep) and a number of other related conditions. He has given lectures on sleep medicine at the local and national levels and his research has been published in a number of reputed national and international journals. He is regularly featured on local news channels. Dr Bhat has lived in Kansas City since 2006 and is an avid fan of KC Royals and the Chiefs!

    Sleep medicine
    Education and training
    Residency - State University of New York in Buffalo
    Fellowship - State University of New York in Buffalo
    MBA - Bloch School of Management
    Board certifications
    American Board of Internal Medicine
    Professional memberships
    American Academy of Sleep Medicine
    American College of Chest Physicians
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    Dr. Adib Bhat, MD
    Sleep medicine