COVID-19 viral PCR test: on demand (house call)

2273 miles | 15-min appointment

Axle Health
Patient home, Los Angeles, CA 90001

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At-home COVID-19 viral PCR test to confirm if the virus is active in the body. A clinician will complete the test at your place of residence.

If this clinician is unavailable during your booked appointment time, you may be seen by a different clinician instead.
  • Laboratory testing
  • Results within 48 hours
About the provider

We want to ensure every patient has access to high quality healthcare where and when it's convenient for them. When a doctor tells a patient they need to go to a lab or come into the office, follow through on care plummets. This leads to worse health outcomes for patients and higher cost for the healthcare system as a whole. By bringing care to patients we can make for a healthier world!

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At-home testing
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