Jessica Mostaffa, LPC

Counseling & therapy

Whether you know exactly what brought you here or you're not really sure how you got where you are... or how to get out - you're in the right place.

I have provided therapy services for over 11 years to individuals in the Kansas City area. The majority of those years focused on maternal depression, anxiety, life-stressors and trauma. I have extensive training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) a process that allows us to discuss and examine your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and make changes in your life that profoundly impact the way you feel.

My favorite thing about therapy is watching the "light-bulb moments" start to happen as you begin to uncover and believe in your unique, personal and beautiful strengths.

I value the opportunity to hear your story, walk with you on your journey, and learn from and with you as you find the change you're seeking. You already have what you need within you - whether you believe that right now or not - and you are at the perfect place at the perfect time to start something different.

Let's work towards it together.

I look forward for the opportunity to speak with you to see if what I can offer feels like the right change for you now.

Counseling & therapy
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Jessica Mostaffa, LPC
Counseling & therapy
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