Video Birth Control Consults in Fayetteville, AR

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Birth control is a low-cost, safe, and effective way of preventing unplanned pregnancies. It can also help regulate your menstrual cycle and even reduce the risks of some reproductive cancers.

Connect directly with a clinician over video to get a prescription, schedule an IUD insertion, or discuss what kind of birth control is right for you. Save up to 60% on a Video birth control consult appointment in Fayetteville, AR when you book with Sesame. 3 quality doctors and clinicians available today at affordable cash prices.

Video birth control consult

Dr. Amol Malankar, DO

  • Family medicine
  • "Dr. Amol Malankar was an excellent physician who was efficient, empathetic and very patient. He will be my go to doctor if I use sesame again. He deserves the highest compliments for his care."
  • $5 MEDS

Video birth control consult

Dr. David Filsoof, MD

  • Family medicine
  • "The physician was wonderful, and I would absolutely recommend this service. Ten stars to Dr. David Filsoof, MD!"
  • 5
  • Available today

IUD Device (Nexplanon or Mirena)

Canada Drugs Direct

  • Family medicine
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