Video covid-19 screenings in Jackson, MI

    Video visit with a doctor or nurse to review symptoms that may be related to COVID-19. The clinician will assess the patient's symptoms and will determine if a recommendation for in-person testing is appropriate. Save up to 60% on a Video covid 19 screening appointment in Jackson, MI when you book with Sesame. 3 quality doctors and clinicians available today at affordable cash prices.
    20-min visit
    Video COVID-19 screening
    Colleen Gabriel, NP
    Family medicine
    15-min visit
    Video COVID-19 screening
    Dr. Zaman Javaheri, MD
    Adult health
    15-min visit
    Video COVID-19 screening
    Dr. Amol Malankar, DO
    Family medicine
    Available tomorrow
    Sesame concierge
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