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  • Dr. Chinedu Okeke, MD

    • Adult health
    • Available today
    • $5 MEDS

    Mercy Kendry, NP

    • Family medicine
    • Available today
    • $5 MEDS

    Tolulope Ajani, NP

    • Family medicine
    • Available today
    • $5 MEDS

    Jonathan Baldia, NP

    • Family medicine
    • Available today

    Kimberly Barrow, FNP-BC

    • Family medicine
    • "Dr. Barrow is amazing! She listens, communicates, and cares."
    • Available today

    Luna Wahnon Benayoun, NP

    • Family medicine
    • Available today
    • $5 MEDS

    Barbara Palmer, APRN

    • Family medicine
    • "Barbara was amazing! So understanding, sweet, knowledgeable, listened to me and really showed she cared and took time to really see what was happening in my situation. She asked a lot of questions and wasn't like others who were just quick to get off the phone. She also took time to make me feel comfortable and showed a compassionate side that sometimes gets lost online and over the phone programs like this. I highly recommend her and I would gladly consult with her anytime. 5 stars all around!"
    • Available today
    • $5 MEDS

    Salimah Jones, NP

    • Family medicine
    • "... she listened to everything I had to say and then prescribed what I needed ..."
    • Available tomorrow
    • $5 MEDS

    C. Daisy Santoo-Vazquez, APRN

    • Family medicine
    • "Daisy was courteous and listened and did all promised follow up promptly."
    • $5 MEDS

    Nicole Baldwin, NP

    • Urgent care
    • "She was kind, patient and thorough. Will definitely use your service again."
    • $5 MEDS
    See all Telehealth visit
    See all Telehealth visit

In-person doctor visit

  • Jonathan Woolverton, NP

    • Family medicine
    • 201 Flamingo Dr., Apollo Beach, FL 33572
    • $5 MEDS

    Rosabelle Magloire Chism, NP

    • Family medicine
    • 6166 Seminole Boulevard, Seminole, FL 33772
    • $5 MEDS

    Nacresha Richardson, ARNP

    • Family medicine
    • 99 Avenue A Southeast, Winter Haven, FL 33880
    • $5 MEDS

    Krista White, NP

    • Family medicine
    • 11252 Winthrop Main Street Suite B, Riverview, FL 33578
    • 5
    • $5 MEDS

    Family medicine doctor

    • Trinity, FL 33556
    • Male
    • 4.9
    • Scheduled by Sesame

    Family medicine doctor

    • Holiday, FL 34691
    • Female
    • 4.8
    • Scheduled by Sesame

    Family medicine doctor

    • Palm Harbor, FL 34684
    • Male
    • 3
    • Scheduled by Sesame
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    See all In-person doctor visit

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    Birth control refill, pap smear, STI screening, and more
    Children's ear infection, flu, cold, rash, and more
    Screening, diagnosis, prescriptions, and management for patients in Florida with erectile dysfunction
    STI / STD consulting, birth control options, ED consults, vasectomy consultations and telehealth OB-GYN visits
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