Telehealth Rx Refill Appointment in Natural Dam, AR

    Need to refill a prescription for something simple like birth control, blood pressure medication, antidepressants, and more? Save up to 60% on a Video prescription refill visit appointment in Natural Dam, AR when you book with Sesame. 2 quality doctors and clinicians available today at affordable cash prices.

    Visit will include a thorough review of prescriptions, a review of possible side effects, and prescription refills when necessary. This visit is appropriate for patients who require medication to treat conditions including high blood pressure, diabetes, or birth control refills. This visit is not appropriate for patients who require a refill for controlled substances.

    15-min visit
    Video prescription refill visit
    Dr. Amol Malankar, DO
    Family medicine
    Available tomorrow
    15-min visit
    Video prescription refill visit
    Dr. David Filsoof, MD
    Family medicine
    Available today
    Sesame concierge
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