Pain management in Northglenn, CO

Pain management options including physical therapy, chiropractic visits and more.
1 provider available

Video orthopedic visit (new patient)

  • Dr. Daniel Paull, MD

    • Orthopedics
    • "Everything went great. Very easy and efficient."
    9 providers available

    Video prescription refill visit

    Connect with a doctor or provider online to get an Rx refill for something simple like birth control, blood pressure medication, antidepressants, insulin and more. $5 medication with FREE delivery may be available during this visit. Ask your doctor...
    • Shannon Leake, NP

      • Family medicine
      • "Shannon leake is literally the best. So caring. You can tell she literally cares for people genuinely & makes you feel great about yourself. 100/10 recommend visiting with her."
      • Available today
      • $5 MEDS

      Tod Work, NP

      • Family medicine
      • "Today Work, NP put me at ease. He asked questions and listened to me. He was kind and efficient."
      • 5
      • Available tomorrow
      • $5 MEDS

      Patrick Curry, NP

      • Family medicine
      • "Dr. Patrick Curry was wonderful. He explained everything, was very understanding and polite, had great knowledge in the medicine he prescribed. I am beyond impressed and I shall use him again and refer family and friends."
      • Available tomorrow
      • $5 MEDS

      Traci Lambert, NP

      • Family medicine
      • "Great experience! She was exactly on time, and she quickly and competently diagnosed the issue with my swollen finger, and immediately sent in the prescription electronically. This was by far a better experience than having to go into urgent care, wait, be exposed to sick people, etc.... Already raving about my experience to my friends...."
      • $5 MEDS

      Jackie Sweeton, NP

      • Obstetrics & gynecology
      • "Dr. Jackie Sweeton was excellent - she listened to all of my concerns and made me feel like we could find a solution together."
      • $5 MEDS

      Nicole Baldwin, NP

      • Urgent care
      • "She was kind, patient and thorough. Will definitely use your service again."
      • $5 MEDS

      Elizabeth Johnston, APRN

      • Family medicine
      • "... the provider I saw was extremely understanding, compassionate and helpful."
      • $5 MEDS

      Dr. John Ibrahim, MD

      • Internal medicine
      • $5 MEDS

      Mary Nye, NP

      • Family medicine
      • $5 MEDS
      See all Video prescription refill visit
      See all Video prescription refill visit
      $5 MEDICATON.

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