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John Riley, DPM
About the provider
Dr. Riley has been practicing podiatry for over 20 years. He specializes in Podiatric Sports Medicine and treats many runners & triathletes, both professional and amateur. Dr. Riley also holds a longstanding relationship with the Kansas City Ballet both as a benefactor and company physician.
Dr. Riley is happily married with 3 daughters and lives with wife, Laurie, in Overland Park, Kansas. He counts family time as his top priority. He is an accomplished triathlete ranked nationally as an All American. When he’s not training for competitions, he also enjoys motorcycling and customizing his vehicles.
Worried about
unexpected costs?
Here are Dr. Riley's most common on-site services:
Cam-walker (removable cast)$75
Cortisone Injection$55
Destruction of benign lesion$110
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Dr. John Riley, DPM
Plaza Foot Care Center
411 Nichols Road Suite 174, Kansas City, MO 64112