Virtual doctor visit (new patient)
20-min virtual appointment
Dr. Michelle Thomas, MD
Family medicine, Urgent care
Licensed to practice in: CA, DE, FL, HI, IA, MI, MO, MS, MT, NE, NH, NY, PA, SC, VT, WI, WV
Service details
  • - New patients only
Virtual visit with a doctor or nurse. Suitable for: cold, flu, sore throat, UTI or other immediate health concern.
  • Prescription for medication
  • Referral to specialist
  • Diagnostic testing (strep, flu, corona)
  • Immunization(s)
  • Laboratory testing
  • Worker's comp paperwork
  • Controlled substance prescription
About the doctor
Michelle A. Thomas, MD is a board certified primary-care physician, with over 20 years in practice. She specializes in general family medicine, emergency medicine, and urgent care.
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Available Sat, Aug 8