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In-person mental health consult

Dr. Adedoyin Adetoro, MD

  • Family medicine
  • 580 Office Pkwy Ste 110, Westerville, OH 43082
  • $5 MEDS

Individual therapy session (new patient)


  • Columbus, OH 432115
  • Female
  • Scheduled by Sesame

Individual therapy session (new patient)


  • Columbus, OH 43215
  • Female
  • 4.2
  • Scheduled by Sesame
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Video mental health consult

Dr. Siddharth Arora, DO

  • Psychiatry
  • "It was a great experience. Highly trained and informative doctor, who seems to care. It was incredibly easy to use and was much cheaper than a traditional office visit. I did not have to leave my home, and I was seen the same day for less than my co pay. Dr Nicohls was fantastic. Thank you so very much!!!!"

    Virtual therapy session (new patient)

    Melissa Russiano, LCSW

    • Counseling & therapy
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