Book an affordable MRI with contrast in Oklahoma City, OK

Book an affordable MRI with contrast in Oklahoma City, OK today. No insurance is necessary. Sometimes in order to enhance the visibility of an MRI scan, a contrast substance is used. The MRI contrast substance usually used is called gadolinium. To perform an MRI with contrast, the gadolinium is injected into the bloodstream or join, where the imaging is going to occur.
11 mi | 45-minute appointment
Oklahoma ER & Hospital
Imaging, Radiology, Emergency Room
15103 N. Pennsylvania Avenue, Edmond, OK 73103
**Note: Referral/doctor's order is required for MRI and any other imaging service.** **Pa... See details >
4.74 mi | Phone call + 60-minute appointment
Green Imaging OKC Expressway
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma City, OK 73112
**Important Scheduling Information** **This visit is with an imaging center in the area a... See details >
Available on: Mon, Mar 2$675

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