Birth Control Appointments in Boise, ID

Find the best cash price for birth control, including medication, Nexplanon, IUDs, and more near you in Boise, ID - available with top-reviewed doctors on Sesame. $5 medication delivered right to your home available with a visit on Sesame - or pick-up at a pharmacy of your choice. No insurance needed.

Find a doctor or provider on Sesame and talk about your birth control options for as low as $29. Your provider will discuss your options and, if appropriate, write you a prescription for the birth control that's right for you.

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Jalandria Gurley, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC

  • Family medicine
  • "Doctor was understanding, compassionate and offered great insight and expertise"
  • $5 MEDS

Video birth control consult

Dr. Joseph Nichols, MD

  • Family medicine
  • "... was great and arranged my prescription with my local pharmacy immediately."
  • 5
  • Available tomorrow
  • $5 MEDS

Video birth control consult

Dr. Mohammad Khan, MD

  • Internal medicine
  • "The appointment was for my 85 year old mother and it went really well. The doctor was attentive to my mom and listened to me when needed. Sesame made it easy for my mom (who was visiting me) to see a doctor! Thanks!"
  • Available today
  • $5 MEDS
Why are Sesame prices so good?

Video birth control consult

Dr. Kenneth Akey, MD

  • Pediatrics
  • Available tomorrow

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