Women's health
Birth control refills, IUD, STI screening, UTI
Nobody knows your body better than you. Explore your options and connect directly with a doctor about your body and your health, including a routine check-up, birth control, STI testing, and more.
Refill your prescription
Don’t spend your whole day getting a refill for something simple like birth control. Connect with a clinician over video to refill your prescription from home. Pick-up at a pharmacy of your choice. Yep, it’s that simple.
  • Video prescription refill visit
    • Symptom assessment
    • Prescription, if recommended
    • Cost of medication
Birth control
All women deserve access to birth control. Connect directly with a clinician to get a prescription, schedule an IUD insertion, or discuss what kind of birth control is right for you.
  • Video birth control consult
    Not all birth control is created equal. Discover what birth control is right for you. You may need to book additional follow-up depending on the kind of birth control you choose.
    • Consult on birth control options
    • Prescription for birth control, if appropriate
    • Cost of birth control
  • IUD insertion
    You’ve consulted with a doctor and purchased your IUD. Now what? Connect with a clinician near you to insert the device. Your clinician may recommend additional follow-up after the IUD is inserted.
    • Insertion of an IUD
    • Pre-screen call
    • Cost of IUD
  • IUD removal
    Removing your IUD is often a quick procedure done right in your doctor’s office or clinic. In rare cases when an IUD is difficult to remove, your clinician may recommend an in-depth procedure or follow-up, which may result in an additional cost.
    • Simple removal of IUD
    Sexual health
    Healthy sex is part of a healthy life. Talk to a clinician about your sex life or get tested for an STI.
    • STI testing
      Getting tested is sexy. Connect with a clinician for discreet testing for gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, HIV, and hepatitis C. Be prepared to give a small blood and urine sample. Your clinician will let you know if you test positive.
      • Testing for gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, HIV, and hepatitis C
      • STI treatment
    • Video STI management consult
      Struggling to manage an STI or need some advice? Connect with a clinician from home to get help managing herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, HIV, or hepatitis C.
      • Advice on STI management
      • Prescription, if recommended
      • Physical exam
      • Lab tests
    Preventative care
    Take control of your health before you need to. A comprehensive preventative care plan is the best way to keep you from becoming another statistic. Connect directly with a doctor for an in-person or video visit to get your routine check-up, get screened for skin cancer, and more.
    • Routine check-up for women
      Your routine check-up is all about you, your body, and your reproductive health. Connect with a doctor near you for your check-up, which may include a gynecological exam, pelvic exam, breast exam, and more.
      • Blood pressure test
      • Cholesterol test, if recommended
      • Breast exam, if recommended
      • Pap smear and pathology
    • Pap smear
      One of the most effective ways to detect cervical cancer early. According to the Mayo Clinic, doctors recommend women between 21 and 65 get a screening pap smear every 3 years.
      • Pap smear and pathology
      • Mammogram
        A mammogram is a type of X-ray used to detect early signs of breast cancer. While the American Cancer Society recommends annual screenings for women between 45 and 54, the choice of when to begin getting a mammogram is personal. Check with a primary care doctor if you’re unsure when and how frequently you should get screened.
      • Skin cancer screening
        If you're at higher risk skin cancer, you should see a doctor once a year for a full-body skin exam, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation. During your visit, your doctor will check your skin from head to toe, paying close attention to hard-to-see spots. Depending on what your doctor finds, you may need a biopsy or additional follow-up.
        • Comprehensive skin exam
        • Biopsy or additional screening
      Urgent care
      Some things just can’t wait. Sesame offers same-day video and in-person visits to help you get quality care when you need it most.
      • Video doctor visit
        • Symptom assessment
        • Prescription, if recommended
        • In-person doctor visit
          • Symptom assessment
          • Prescription, if recommended
          Frequently asked questions
          About Sesame

          What is Sesame?

          Sesame is a direct-to-patient healthcare company that puts power back in the hands of people, not systems, so that everyone can access quality care at clear, upfront prices.

          Why is Sesame different?

          Sesame is the first direct-to-patient care marketplace that connects patients with real, quality doctors.

          Are doctors on Sesame board-certified?

          Yes, all doctors on Sesame are board-certified.

          Does Sesame work with insurance?

          Sesame services are paid directly, separate from health insurance.

          If your insurance includes a health savings account (HSA) or flexible spending account (FSA), you can use your funds from these accounts to pay for care on Sesame. Some of these plans include a debit card you can use to pay up front, and others require you to submit your receipt after your purchase.

          If your insurance includes out-of-network coverage and/or a deductible, you may be able to submit your receipt from Sesame for reimbursement. Eligibility is determined by your insurance company and will vary depending on your plan. Our team is here to help you - call us at 1 (877) 947-6411 with any questions.

          Is my payment and medical information safe?

          Sesame uses Stripe, the most trusted, secure third-party payment platform in the world. Stripe is used by large technology platforms like Lyft, Etsy, and Open Table.

          Stripe keeps your payment information for all future purchases on their secure servers and no one else receives access to your payment information.

          Sesame’s systems and platforms are all HIPAA compliant.

          What is Sesame’s cancellation policy?

          Sesame's no worries cancellation policy makes booking, cancelling, and rescheduling easy. Cancel up to 24 hours before your appointment and get a full refund. No questions asked.
          Yep, there’s even more.
          Doctors on Sesame can diagnose, treat, and manage just about anything.