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Sesame is a full-service platform to help you build and run your practice and care for patients for virtual care, in-person care, or both.

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Integrated clinical note-taking
No fees for providers

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Sesame has been an incredible revenue stream and better marketing than I could ever buy myself. I increased my monthly revenue by 70% last month.
Tiffanny Blythe, DO
Lee’s Summit, MO

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Chief Medical Officer Dr. Marty Makary on how Sesame cuts out the middlemen and intermediaries to let you spend more time with patients, build new offerings, and earn 25% more per visit.
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How do patients pay?

Patients pay upfront on the Sesame platform while booking their appointment. They can use their debit or credit card to make the purchase.

When do I get paid?

Providers are paid via direct deposit on a weekly basis.

How are patients charged if additional services are required?

If an additional service is required, you can charge the patient in your office the same way as any other self-paying patient. In the future, you will be able to process charges through Sesame.

How do I know if I get a booking?

Sesame sends an automated email whenever you receive a booking which includes the patient’s name, phone number and email address. Patients also receive an email confirmation as an appointment reminder.

What is the cancellation policy for patients?

Patients can cancel 24 hours before the appointment if their circumstances change. If a patient no-shows or cancels within 24 hours, they do not qualify for a refund but the provider still receives payment for the service.

How do I add or change my availability?

Our provider tool gives you the ability to update your own schedule. You can add, remove and change availability on Sesame at any time.

How do I join?

Joining Sesame is quick and easy. Fill out the form on this page or email and a specialist will help you get started.

Are there any fees involved with joining or listing on Sesame?

No! Sesame never charges you any fees for joining or listing your services on Sesame.

What tools does Sesame provide?

Sesame's provider portal gives you the ability to seamlessly prescribe medication and document notes for each visit or clinical encounter. We're continuing to develop our provider offerings.