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Sesame’s mission is to eliminate the pain of your high health insurance deductible (or not having health insurance at all) by building a first-of-its-kind, super simple healthcare system. The Sesame Marketplace makes half-priced, high-quality health care accessible to hundreds of millions of Americans: No surprise fees or bills. No waiting to see a doctor. And no insurance needed.

Do you have a sky-high health insurance deductible? Or no health insurance at all? We created Sesame for you.

Marketplaces have existed for as long as humans have traded with each other. Competition within those marketplaces drives quality up - and costs down.

That’s why economists say, “Markets are perfect.”

And yet, when it comes to your health and well-being, there are no marketplaces. As a result, American healthcare offers little incentive to drive the quality of your care up and the cost of your care down, and patient outcomes and satisfaction aren’t the main priority. Until now.

Sesame is the first-ever healthcare marketplace, connecting thousands of healthcare providers across all 50 states directly with American consumers who are seeking high-quality, convenient medical care at half the price of what is typical. We stripped away all of the things that needlessly complicate healthcare (third-party fees, skyrocketing deductibles, opaque billing practices and lengthy wait times) and replaced them with a system where patients pay far less for the same doctors who would treat them through insurance plans. We call it, “Half-Price Health Care.”

How do we deliver on the half-price promise? By removing the unnecessary middlemen in outpatient care. With Sesame, it’s just you and your doctor. No paperwork to process, no claims to submit, no marking up the price of care, and no sending you bills that say: “This is not a bill.”

Instead, patients can access exceptional primary care physicians who are available in more than 40 different languages, 45+ specialties, lab tests, imaging and more - all easily bookable for telemedicine or in-person care within 1-2 hours at the touch of a button.

Sesame doesn’t accept health insurance (which also keeps prices low). This makes it ideal for patients who prefer to pay cash for their health care, whether it is because they are enrolled in high-deductible insurance plans, are uninsured, or simply appreciate the price, quality and convenience of Sesame.

So if you’re sick of the struggle to get health care, break up with the system and go doctor-direct with Sesame. You’ll pay half to be whole.

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From our co-founder
Quote IconOnly radical simplicity will fix a complex system like healthcare. Sesame makes accessing high-quality care simple and straightforward so that patients and clinicians can spend less time on bureaucracy and more time where it matters most.David GoldhillCo-founder, CEO