Give your employees a truly affordable health care benefit.

Partner with Sesame to provide your employees with high-quality, low-cost health care for only $10.99 per month. That's 95% less than the cost of insurance. Plus get the 1st month FREE.

Sesame's affordable health care marketplace is comprised of hundreds of 5-star primary care physicians and specialists. Give your employees access to doctor visits starting at just $19.

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Doctor visits starting at $19
80% of prescription drugs
Same-day appointments
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An innovative way to retain top talent.

Offer employees access to affordable health care, doctor visits starting at just $19. Have valuable part-time employees or contractors that aren’t eligible for benefits? We can help with that.

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High quality, low-cost health care through Sesame

  • Pay 95% less than the cost of insurance
    For just $10.99 per month, or $99 annually, you can provide your employees with an affordable health care benefit.
  • Easy set-up and payment
    Our team does all the work to set your employees up in just a few days.
  • Retain top talent
    Offer an affordable health care benefit to your employees. Access to hundreds of 5-star physicians. Same day appointments, starting at $19!

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  • Hundreds of 5-star physicians and specialists
  • Same-day appointments nationwide
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