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Benefits for Your Team

Partner with Sesame to offer high-quality, low-cost care that employers and members can easily afford.

Sesame helps businesses by providing access to affordable, high-quality primary and specialty care. Offer employees the premium benefit of virtual and in-person visits with thousands of providers at locked-in, affordable prices that save you and your employees money.

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Save money
Choose what's covered
Retain employees

Partner with Sesame.

Differentiate yourself by offering members high-quality, low-cost care with the nation's top doctors and specialists.

Partner with Sesame as part of your provider network

  • Save the company money. Save the member money
    Sesame gives members an affordable healthcare option to use anytime, anywhere, at a fraction of traditional provider costs.
  • Choose how much to pay and what to cover
    Employers decide whether to cover services fully, partially, or provide discounts to their employees based on their budget.
  • Retain employees
    By making care more affordable, members will not defer care and seek preventative services to stay healthy and happy.

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What Sesame can offer your business

  • Virtual provider networks
    Telehealth primary care, 40+ specialties, labs, imaging, and more.

  • In-Person care networks
    Primary care, 40+ specialties, labs, imaging, and more.

  • Guaranteed pricing
    Sesame handles provider payment and all prices are guaranteed. No balance bills for members or surprise costs for you.

  • $5 prescriptions on 65+ conditions
    Free and fast delivery on every prescription ordered through Sesame.

  • Sesame concierge to navigate to any service nationwide
    Dedicated English and Spanish-language employer and patient support team.