Hannah Bruins, LMSW

Counseling & therapy

I firmly believe in the goodness in all and in the potential that each individual holds. My client-first approach shows this belief in practice: I meet my clients where they are and give them the tools to help them grow into the person they want to become. I use a collaborative approach in my work and facilitate each client’s healing process to help restore joy or identify and conquer obstacles that hinders potential. Whether you or a loved one are seeking services or guidance, I am devoted to growth and wellness that starts with you.

Who I work with: - Individuals facing challenges within their relationships (romantic, familial, parent-child, etc.) - People in times of transition - Those working through anxiety and depression - Children ages 2 years to 7 years with behavior issues and their families (PCIT) - Children 4-12 and their families

Counseling & therapy
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Graduate - University of Kansas, School of Social Welfare
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Hannah Bruins, LMSW
Counseling & therapy