Dr. Omerine Aseh, MD

Dr. Omerine Aseh MD is a board-certified family medicine physician, the chief medical director for You First Concierge and an Anxiety Expert. As a result of 10 years in the practice of medicine she has treated over 20,000 patients. Through her concierge and telemental health practice, she helps women overcome and understand anxiety so that they can sleep better, cope with daily stress and have the energy they need to design a life with no boundaries.

Dr. Omerine earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry/Premed from Texas Southern University in Houston, TX, and obtained her Medical Degree from University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, TX. She completed her General Surgery residency at Atlanta Medical Center in Atlanta, GA and at McLennan Family Medicine Program in Waco, TX.

As the Chief Medical Director of Concierge Medical Services PLLC, Dr. Omerine offers patients a cutting-edge approach to their health care regimen. She is a dynamic speaker, best-selling author and team leader of the book Beyond Challenges, Survival Stories of African Immigrant physicians on life, love and the practice of medicine. Her mantra is “Thrive, Regardless!!! “.

Dr Omerine is a Cameroonian- American Immigrant, great cook, wife and mother of 3 boys. Dr Omerine is a humanitarian and philanthropist and supports several organizations in the USA and her home country of Cameroon.

Dr. Omerine has been quoted in several print magazines including Forbes. She frequently serves on medical panels or as a keynote speaker.

Family medicine, Emergency medicine
Education and training
Bachelor of Science, Chemistry/Premed, Texas Southern University
Medical Degree, University of Texas Medical Branch
Surgical residency, Atlanta Medical Center
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Family medicine
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Dr. Omerine Aseh, MD
Family medicine, Emergency medicine