Cardiology visit (new patient)
923 mi | 60-min appointment
Dr. Nalini Premsingh, MD
1601 Meadowlark Lane Suite B, Kansas City, KS 66102
Service details
  • - New patients only
Visit with a Cardiologist to address a specific cardiac issue or cardiac symptoms, which may include: shortness of breath, pain, dizziness, or hypertension.
  • Referral for follow up testing
  • Symptom assessment
  • EKG (electrocardiogram)
  • Medical history review
About the doctor
Dr. Nalini Premsingh, MD is a cardiology specialist in Kansas City, KS and has been practicing for 43 years. She graduated from Christian Med Coll-Madras U-Vellore in 1965 and specializes in cardiology.
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