Best doctors for hives treatment in Caldwell, ID

Do you have breakouts of pale red bumps on your skin that itch, burn, or sting? You might have hives, possibly caused by allergies or even unknown reasons. Book an appointment with a primary care physician, allergist or dermatologist Caldwell, ID on Sesame today for treatment. No insurance necessary.

You can book a dermatologist near me today through Sesame to solve your skin issues.

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Nicole Baldwin, NP

  • Urgent care
  • Available today

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Patrick Curry, NP

  • Family medicine
  • Available today

Video skin consult

Dr. Joseph Nichols, MD

  • Family medicine
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    Video skin consult

    Dr. John Ibrahim, MD

    • Internal medicine

      Video skin consult

      Vanquiece Smith, FNP-BC

      • Family medicine

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        Dr. Marc Serota, MD

        • Dermatology

          Video skin consult

          Dr. Archana Reddy, MD

          • Emergency medicine
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