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For some, shingles can be a treatable condition that lasts 3-5 weeks, while others struggle with longer symptoms that can be painful and debilitating. Shingles are closely related to chickenpox and can look similar, appearing as small red bumps on the skin. You may feel stinging, tingling, aching, numbing or throbbing that may interspersed with quick stabs of pain in the affected area.

When doctors, dermatolgists, Primary care provider and clinicians treat shingles, they aim to limit the severity and duration of pain, shorten the duration of a shingles episode, and reduce complications due to shingles.

There are also shingles vaccines - namely Zostavax and Shingrix - to prevent someone from getting shingles (or at least severe cases of shingles). Older people are more likely to develop severe cases of shingles, so the vaccine is generally recommended if you're in that age group.

Consult a doctor or clinician Little Rock, AR to diagnose shingles, get help managing your condition, or see which vaccine - if any - is right for you. You can also book a dermatologist near me today.

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About shingles

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Shingles, also known as herpes zoster, is a viral infection that causes an outbreak of a painful rash or blisters on the skin. Shingles can appear anywhere on the body but commonly occurs as a single stripe on one side of the body. The infection is caused by the same virus - the varicella zoster virus- that causes chickenpox. Once you’ve had chickenpox as a child, the virus stays dormant in your nervous system even after you’ve recovered. Years later, the virus can reactivate and travel through nerve pathways, causing shingles.

Common symptoms of shingles include:

  • Burning pain, itching, or tingling in the affected area of the skin
  • A red rash, usually occurring in a single stripe
  • Fluid-filled blisters that break open and scab over
  • Fever
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Chills
  • Nausea

Shingles can only be spread through direct contact with the fluid leaked from the blisters. If you have not had chickenpox, you cannot get shingles. Instead, if you are exposed to the fluid from the blisters of someone who has an active case of shingles, you may likely contract chickenpox. Preventing the spread of the varicella zoster virus can be accomplished by covering oozing blisters and the affected area with bandages.

Shingles may last for several weeks after symptoms begin to appear. Adults over the age of 50, people with weakened immune systems, and certain cancer treatments can increase your risk of contracting shingles. In some cases, shingles may not produce a rash. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms above, talk to your doctor. Early treatment can provide early relief and prevent the spread of the varicella zoster virus.

Treatment Options
There is no cure for shingles, and because it is a viral infection, antibiotics will not effectively treat the illness. There are, however, several treatment options that can speed up recovery and reduce symptoms you may be experiencing. Below is a list of methods used in the treatment of shingles. Talk to your provider about the treatment plan that’s right for you.
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