Erythema (skin redness) treatment

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About Skin redness

Skin redness - known medically as erythema - is an inflammatory skin condition that affects the superficial layer of the skin. Erythema may be caused by underlying medical conditions, medication usage, skin injury (such as sunburn), or allergic reactions.

Common symptoms of erythema include:
  • Painful reddish patches on the front of the legs and knees
  • Tender patches, sometimes known as nodules, that range in size from a dime to a quarter.
  • Inflamed patches that eventually decrease, flatten and leave a bruised appearance

Skin redness will usually appear in the area where the inflammation occurred. If you are experiencing the symptoms above along with symptoms such as fever, joint pain, fatigue, difficulty breathing, or itching, seek medical attention.

Treatment Options

Treatment for skin redness will often depend on the underlying cause of the symptom. During your appointment, discuss your medical history with your doctor to create a treatment plan that’s right for you.

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