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Looking for a second opinion after a recent diagnosis? Wanting to get the care you need without driving around town to different clinics? Tired of navigating confusing copays and surprise bills after visiting the doctor's office? Telehealth is a form of virtual care that healthcare professionals offer patients looking for efficient, flexible care. With telemedicine, you can speak with a doctor who can assess your condition, manage your symptoms, and craft a treatment plan that's right for you - all from the comfort of your own home.

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Telehealth Questions

What is telehealth?

Telemedicine (also sometimes called "telehealth") is a form of virtual care that healthcare professionals offer patients looking for efficient, flexible care. With telemedicine, you can speak with a doctor about your symptoms and work to develop a treatment plan that's right for you - without the hassle of having to drive to different doctors' offices or navigate confusing insurance copays. If you've already seen a doctor and need a second opinion or more clarity on your condition, you can schedule a quick and easy telemedicine appointment to get your questions answered on your own time.

What are some benefits of telehealth and video visits?

Over the past few years, telehealth has transformed the healthcare landscape giving patients better access to quality doctors and providers. Still, some may be unfamiliar with telehealth and its benefts

In the simplest terms, telehealth is a means of managing your health with the use of digital platforms, video, and virtual consults with doctors and providers. This includes:

Virtual appointments: the ability to see your doctor virtually with video consultations. This is perfect for both new patients and those with ongoing appointments that don’t require an in-person visit. Despite what you may have heard, many conditions can actually be treated over video, including toothaches, moles, warts, UTIs and other vaginal infections, and more.

Correspondence between doctors: By promoting faster, more efficient means of communication, telehealth allows for doctors to better coordinate and address patient needs.

Virtual health records: Apps, sometimes called personal health record systems (PHRs) allow for the viewing of health care records from a web-enabled device.

Remote Monitoring: Apps that upload medical information, such as lung function, blood pressure, and blood glucose readings, so that your doctor can monitor you virtually.

Are doctors on Sesame board-certified?

Yes, all doctors on Sesame are board-certified.

Am I eligible to use Sesame?

Yes, Sesame is open to everyone, regardless of insurance coverage. That means people with insurance, without insurance and anything inbetween can use Sesame.

Are all providers on Sesame licensed?

Sesame works with licensed providers, who share their licensure, education history, and confirm a clean disciplinary history as a condition for participating on the platform.

Can doctors on Sesame treat an emergency?

No, in case of emergency, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.

Can I book video or virtual visits with Sesame?

You can book video visits nationwide on Sesame.

Are virtual appointments available across the United States?

Currently virtual appointments booked through Sesame are only available in Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma.

Are virtual appointments through Sesame HIPAA compliant?

Yes, Sesame’s virtual appointment technology is HIPAA compliant.

Can I use Sesame if I don’t have insurance?

Yes, people without insurance deserve a better healthcare experience. Sesame allows you to see a doctor without the hassle by cutting out the annoying calls and emails to get quotes and complex paperwork.
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