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A bunion - also known as hallux abducto valgus - is a bony lump that grows at the base of your big toe. Years of pressure on the big toe joint push bones in the front part of the foot out of alignment, causing a bony mass to develop along the outside of the big toe. As this growth increases in size, it can push the big toe towards the other toes in the foot and result in the big toe joint sticking out from the side of the foot. These bony bumps can also grow on the outside of the baby toe, which is known as a tailor’s bunion or bunionette.

Common symptoms of bunions include:

  • Swelling or bulging near the base of the big toe
  • Redness or soreness in the affected area
  • Difficulty wearing shoes
  • Lack of mobility in the big toe and foot
  • Corns and calluses (hardened skin)

Bunions develop gradually over time. Nearly 1 in 3 Americans have bunions. While anyone can have bunions, the condition is more common in older adults, specifically older women. These bony bumps can grow on one or both feet, and may be made worse by ill-fitting shoes or standing for long periods over years. People who frequently wear high heels may be more likely to develop bunions due to the toe crowding caused by the shoes.

You are more likely to develop bunions if you have had a history of foot injuries or inflammatory diseases (such as rheumatoid arthritis). Bunions may also be inherited through genetics, or caused by inherited foot structure (such as flat feet).

Bunions can usually be diagnosed with a simple visual examination or an X-ray scan. Treatment for bunions will depend on the size and severity of the growth, and the pain it is causing you. While bunions may not constitute a medical emergency, they can lead to chronic pain and complications left untreated. Having a bunion can increase your risk of developing hammertoe (an abnormal bend in a toe joint), osteoarthritis, and bursitis (painful fluid-filled sacs that grow around the affected joint).

Treatment Options

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Treatment for bunions will depend on the size and severity of the growth. During your appointment, talk to your health care provider about the treatment plan that’s best for you.