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Crooked teeth are a common dental condition. Crooked teeth are commonly caused by crowding (teeth growing too closely together) and abnormal jaw alignment. As your teeth grow in, if your jaw is too small or if your jaw is out of alignment, your permanent teeth may grow crookedly. Additionally, poor nutrition and certain behavioral habits (such as thumb sucking) can cause teeth to decay or develop crookedly.

Crooked teeth rarely result in discomfort or any adverse symptoms. However, if left untreated, crooked teeth can lead to dental complications. These include:

- Wear on the teeth: If your teeth are out of alignment, they may be worn down more easily as you bite and chew. This can lead to jaw problems, cracked teeth, and digestion problems (if you aren’t chewing your food properly).

- Difficulty with speech: Crooked teeth may affect your articulation, which can lead to speech problems.

- Disease: Space between crooked teeth can be hard to clean. Food and debris buildup in these areas can lead to tooth and gum decay and periodontitis - a serious infection of the gums.

Unless crooked teeth are resulting in the symptoms above, you do not necessarily need to straighten them. However, many people feel that crooked teeth are unsightly or embarrassing. The decision to straighten your teeth, unless recommended by your dentist, is a personal one. Teeth straightening can be expensive and uncomfortable but is usually very effective. Talk to your dentist about options for straightening, and whether or not treatment is right for you.

Treatment Options

During your appointment, talk to your dentist or provider about options for straightening your teeth.

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