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Online Mental Health Medication Appointments on Sesame

Online mental health consults are concise 15-minute meetings with a primary care provider who can provide mental health guidance, support, and medication prescriptions if appropriate. These appointments offer a quick and convenient opportunity to start a conversation about mental health centered on your experiences and needs.

These video visits are best for individuals in stable condition who do not require psychiatric care. During an online mental health consult, you can discuss any challenges you have been managing recently, your previous experience with mental health care, and the reasons behind seeking mental health care.

From this conversation, your provider may recommend longer-term treatment, including regular psychiatric care. For those who have not yet started regular mental health care or are looking for guidance about mental health care, an online mental health consult is a great place to begin these conversations.

For individuals diagnosed with a mental health condition or prescribed medication for mental health concerns, these appointments also offer an opportunity to speak to a primary care provider about medication management and prescription refills.

Because online mental health appointments on Sesame use a video conferencing platform (like Zoom or Facetime), it is recommended that you have a stable internet connection and a private space to conduct the appointment. Even though it takes place on a video call, you will meet with a health care provider in real time. For your privacy, a quiet and secluded space in your home is the best place for this video consultation.

It is generally recommended for all mental health consultations to jot down a few questions or concerns before your appointment. Online mental health consults on Sesame are conducted by licensed primary care providers with the extensive experience needed to help guide you through fundamental mental health care. However, it is still encouraged to come up with some questions or thoughts to get the most out of your appointment.

Suppose you are booking an appointment to discuss prescription management or to refill an existing prescription. In that case, you should compile what information you have about the medication you are taking (dosage, drug name, etc.)

If any other preparation is needed, your provider will contact you to discuss these specifics.

Online mental health consults are concise and convenient video visits that help you get started on your mental health care journey. These appointments are generally with primary care providers, who are medically trained and fully licensed health care professionals. These providers can diagnose and treat many mental and physical conditions.

It’s important to note that these appointments are not the same as online therapy. An online mental health consult is an opportunity to discuss a previously existing condition or get guidance on any challenges you may be experiencing.

At the beginning of your appointment, you may discuss your history with mental wellness, any challenges or issues you are currently experiencing, and whether or not you’ve worked with a mental health care provider before. Think of it like a get-to-know-you. If appropriate, they may guide you toward more advanced forms of mental health care, like online psychiatry or online therapy.

You can discuss your symptoms and treatment with the provider if you have already been diagnosed with a mental health disorder. If you have been prescribed medication, these providers can refill it.

Online mental health consults provide fundamental mental health care in a primary care setting. If you want to discuss basic guidance or medication management, these video visits are a convenient and affordable means of speaking to a provider from the comfort of your home.

It depends. All medication prescriptions on Sesame are at the health care provider's discretion. Not all mental health challenges require medication for treatment. Stress, feelings of sadness, and mild anxiety, for instance, can usually be treated with talk therapy and other holistic measures. Diagnosed mental health disorders, however, generally require medication for complete treatment.

If you have been previously diagnosed with a mental health condition, talk to your provider about the treatment plan you are currently on and how it is working for you.

Only certain types of health care providers can prescribe medication. Therapists and psychologists, for example, do not have the medical training required to prescribe medication. Psychiatrists and primary care providers, however, do. Providers on Sesame list their credentials, so we recommend checking the background of the provider you want to see before booking an appointment.

If you have not been diagnosed with a mental health disorder but want to discuss your symptoms and potential treatment plans, an online mental health consult is the best place to start.

It depends. If you have a previously diagnosed mental health condition, you can discuss this treatment plan or have your prescription refilled during these video visits.

These appointments offer a convenient and affordable means of discussing mental health care with a licensed provider for new patients or patients not diagnosed with a mental health disorder. During your visit, a primary care provider will offer guidance centered around mental health care, including whether or not you should seek advanced psychiatric treatment. While primary care providers can prescribe medication, they may refer you to a specialist before writing a prescription. Medication prescriptions are entirely at the discretion of the provider.

It is helpful to have proof of a prior prescription before your refill visit. Depending on the medication, some Sesame providers may require proof of a prior prescription before refilling it. Your provider may ask to see a picture of an old pill bottle or check for previous prescriptions from another Sesame provider. In some instances, your Sesame provider may also be able to access a national pharmacy system to see prescriptions from non-Sesame providers.

No. Clinicians on Sesame can prescribe a wide range of medications as treatment for infections, allergies, and other ailments (such as blood pressure medication). However, online doctors and online health care providers on Sesame will not prescribe any medication listed as a controlled substance. This includes opioids and narcotics. Check out for a detailed list of medications that are listed as controlled substances.

You do not need insurance to use Sesame. Sesame offers transparent upfront prices for patients without insurance.

Sesame services are paid directly, separate from health insurance.

If your insurance includes a health savings account (HSA) or flexible spending account (FSA), you can use your funds from these accounts to pay for care on Sesame. Some of these plans include a debit card you can use to pay upfront, and others require you to submit your receipt after your purchase.

If you have insurance, have already been prescribed medication, and get the prescription refilled during this appointment, you may be eligible to have part of your visit and your medication covered by your insurance network. Our online mental health care program works with insurance to help cover the cost of your treatment. Note that all prescriptions are at the discretion of your health care provider.

If your insurance includes out-of-network coverage and/or a deductible, you may be able to submit your receipt from Sesame for reimbursement. Your insurance company determines eligibility which will vary depending on your plan. And you can always use your insurance to pay for medications picked up at your local pharmacy. Our team is here to help you - call us at 1 (877) 947-6411 with any questions.

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