Caryl Petrus, PT, CProT

Physical therapy

Caryl Petrus is a physical therapist specializing in providing PT services through virtual modes. She is a compassionate and caring therapist who looks to address the entire person and ensure that she addresses the root cause of any pain or ailments that her patients have. Caryl Petrus is specialized in the following conditions and areas: post op-orthopedic conditions such as total joints, ORIF, elective orthopedic procedures, MSK pain and disorders including arthritis, chronic pain, overuse injuries, neurological disorders including ALS, MS and Parkinson’s, and post-acute care such as post-cardiac rehab and COPD.

She is excited to work with you and help put together a care plan that can address all of your needs and help you achieve all of your short and long-term goals!

Physical therapy
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Caryl Petrus, PT, CProT
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