Charlien Staltare, CNS, LDN

Nutrition & dietetics

My name is Charlien Staltare and I live in Northern Virginia. I practice integrative clinical nutrition and wellness in Maryland and Virginia. I am a licensed, dietetic - nutritionist and board certified through the board for certification of nutrition specialists (BCNS).

There are times in life when we struggle with different health issues and don’t know how to resolve them. I will provide you the support you need to attain:

Gut health

Immune health

Symptoms from food sensitivities

Greater digestion

Healthy weight

Understanding of emotional and binge eating patterns

Balanced glucose levels

Thyroid health

I am passionate about supporting your bio-individual needs by offering customized recommendations for healthy eating with whole foods, herbs, exercise and lifestyle choices.

Since my approach to health is highly integrative, I review available lab work, health history, symptoms, diet, exercise, sleep patterns and medications. Psychological, emotional and spiritual readiness is different for everyone. I support you through each stage of growth toward balance and wellness.

I look forward to meeting you and watching you grow and thrive!

Currently, I offer video consultations on Wednesdays and Fridays. I do offer 90 minute and 60 minute sessions.

Nutrition & dietetics
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Charlien Staltare, CNS, LDN
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