Isadore Cohen, LCSW

Counseling & therapy

I have been practicing counseling for 25 years. A substantial part of my practice includes clients involved in the AA program. I am well versed in the 12 step process and can help clients expand their psychological perspective of the spiritual program.

My training expands the gamut from "Self Psychology" analysis to "Dialectical Behavioral Therapy".

Mindfulness and awareness are integral to my approach.

After having studied, practiced, and worked through approximately two dozen therapeutic theoretical perspectives, I have landed on "Isadore's Organic Holistic Approach" which I would be delighted to share with anyone desiring to heal.

I worked in the New York City school system for 8 years as a behavioral specialist focusing on children diagnosed with: ADHD, Conduct, and Oppositional Defiant Disorder.

I work with couples and enjoy helping them to find peace in their relationship.

Counseling & therapy
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Isadore Cohen, LCSW
Counseling & therapy
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