Dr. Richard Link, MD

Internal medicine

Richard Link, MD, brings more than 40 years of experience in internal medicine and primary care to Prominis Medical Services, serving patients in the Williamsburg location.

Dr. Link began his professional education at Ohio University in Athens, where he earned his Bachelor of Science. After graduation, he moved to Italy and enrolled at the University of Barcelona, obtaining his Doctor of Medicine in four years. The following year, Dr. Link returned to the United States and participated in an internal medicine internship at Long Island College Hospital in Long Island, New York. He also completed a residency in internal medicine at the New York Infirmary, serving on staff for two years.

Dr. Link entered private practice in 1978 and served patients at his own office — specializing in house calls — until 2014, when he joined the team at Prominis Medical Services. Dr. Link is board-certified in internal medicine and speaks English, Spanish, and Italian fluently. He welcomes any man or woman seeking internal or primary care to Prominis Medical Services.

Internal medicine
Languages spoken
English, Italian, Spanish

The overall rating for Dr. Richard Link, MD is 3.0 out of 5.0 stars.

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Dr. Richard Link, MD
Internal medicine