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About Mood disorder

Mood disorders are mental health conditions that affect your emotional state and ability to function. A mood disorder may make you feel extremely sad, empty, or irritable (depressed). In other cases, you may experience periods of sadness followed by extreme happiness (mania).

It is common for your mood to change based on different situations. Mood disorders are characterized by these emotional symptoms occurring for several weeks or more.

Common forms of mood disorders include:

- Major depressive disorder (depression): Prolonged periods of sadness with no discernible cause

- Bipolar disorder: Periods of depression alternating with periods of mania

- Seasonal affective disorder (SAD): Depression that commonly occurs between late fall and early spring

- Premenstrual dysmorphic disorder: Irritability and mood changes that coincide with an impending menstrual period.

Mood disorders may be caused by several factors. If you feel like your emotions are interfering with parts of your daily life, talk to your doctor about possible treatment options. These disorders rarely go away on their own, but can usually be treated with therapy and/ or medication.

Common Medication
Treatment Options

Treatment for mood disorders largely depends on the specific condition and severity of the symptoms, but are most commonly addressed through a combination of medication and therapy. During your appointment, talk to your doctor about what treatment plan is right for you.

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