Video physical therapy session (new patient)
 60-min virtual appointment
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Physical therapy
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  • New patients only

Video visit with a physical therapist, includes consult followed by guided exercise.

  • Physical therapy exercises
  • Symptom assessment
  • Treatment plan
  • Physical therapy evaluation
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We are part of the Upstream Rehabilitation family of clinical care, a leading operator of outpatient physical therapy clinics in the United States. While our business has local roots and a passion for serving our community through superior patient care as well as charitable initiatives, we also have the educational and clinical resources that are only possible to access through a larger company like Upstream.

SERC was founded in 1997 and initially opened three clinics in the Kansas City area to provide high quality, personalized therapy services. It is our philosophy at SERC to provide individualized therapy, based from standard, accepted orthopedic protocols and practices. Along with manual therapy, we use a very active, exercise-based approach in the treatment of our patients. Modalities are used in our clinics as adjuncts to this functional, active approach. All patients receive a home exercise program to support activities learned in therapy. Treatment and discharge planning are aimed at returning our patients to their normal functional activities at work and home.

Physical therapy
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Video physical therapy session (existing patient)
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